Women Reveal The 10 Things They Hate Men Doing During S*x

Sex is an “exact art and a subtle science”, if one must quote Professor Severus Snape. Despite there not being any clear-cut formulae, there are however certain things in bed that are big turn-offs for the female sex. This is primarily because the needs, wants and expectations of men and women vary quite a lot when it comes to sex. For women good sex (sadly) still means that they aren’t hurt, while for men it meant they had orgasmed. Notice the difference?

Here we have tried to put forward ten essential habits of men, which are out of bounds for women/hated by women:

1. It is not porn

It is not porn

Expectations differ. Just like it can’t just be a Princess story out of Disney for women, for men it cannot be porn. Let’s get realistic, guys. Let’s have appropriate expectations from now on.

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