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    Kylie Jenner STEAL Makeup Looks From YouTube Star Jaclyn Hill?

    Only a month after giving birth, Kylie Jenner’s cosmetics brand is promoting a line of products inspired by her newborn daughter, Stormi. It’s called The Weather Collection. But some people online are taking issue with the line, alleging that Kylie copied the promotional looks from Jaclyn Hill. On the internet, you literally can’t swipe on […] More

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    Selena Gomez Just Posted The Cutest Happy Birthday Message To Justin Bieber

    Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber might be keeping their rekindled relationship private…   Geva, Rmcl, Vice / Vasquez-Max Lopes / Maciel / Max Lopes / BACKGRID …but that didn’t stop the “Bad Liar” singer from giving her “man” a big shout-out on Instagram for his 24th birthday. Jayne Kamin-oncea / Getty Images The 25-year-old Texas native posted […] More

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    9 Must-Read Tips for First-Time Sex

    The first time you have sex with someone — or sex at all — is a deeply individual experience. “Sex” means different things and comes with different emotions from person to person (and from hookup to hookup, TBH). That said, there are a handful of insights that can make your first time having vaginal sex comfier, more […] More

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    5 Wild Sex Positions To Spice Up Even The Most Boring Bedroom

    Hey you, little thrill-seeker. You need these now. 1Sitting 69  KATIE BUCKLEITNER Get the thrills of Standing 69 without the part where someone throws out their back with this version. (Semi-fun fact: Standing 69 is the most-wanted position by 74% of men, according to a recent survey by Intimidating Intimacies, but also ranked the most uncomfortable by […] More

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    10 Penis Secrets Guys Won’t Tell You

    1. He manscapes. He gets in there, he trims. Maybe he shaves. Sure, if he shaves it all off, he’ll probably admit that to you. Otherwise he’d essentially be trying to convince you that he naturally has the pubic region of a naked mole rat. Maybe he’ll even try to play it off as if he […] More

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    11 Reasons to Date a Younger Guy

    There are so many reasons to date a dude a few years younger, including: Stamina! The bright, hopeful gaze of a child! Stamina! 1. He has more energy — and his influence might make you healthier and more productive. Maybe you want to sleep in until 2 p.m. on a lazy Sunday, but he wants to […] More

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    This Is What Your Underwear Reveals About Your Personality

    Fashion has long been a big part of people’s lives throughout history.  It was back in 1926 when economist George Taylor showcased something called the Hemline Index. It revealed that when a country was about to enter into a recession, women were more likely to wear longer dresses whereas during times of prosperity the hemlines on […] More

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    9 ‘Reasons’ Why Older Men Go For Younger Women

    The world of heterosexual dating wisdom is a fascinating, mysterious place, filled with chimerical half-truths, blatant falsehoods, and things just strange enough to be true. One of the later facts is the statistical age gap between men and the women they message and date. Christian Rudder, a blogger for OKCupid, did a fascinating study in […] More

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    Sex Therapists Reveal What Happens If You Have Sex Every Day

    Different stages of a relationship can signify how intimate you are with your partner. For example, if the relationship is new, you might be intimate with each other every chance you get. But it’s natural for that intimacy to slow down. According to Abraham Maslow, sex is a necessity just like food and water is. With that […] More

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    These 5 Bedtime Tips Can Help You Lose Weight

    Every year, American’s spend millions of dollars on weight loss programs, only to find themselves searching for more answers in the end. While there is no weight loss program that works for everyone, you would be surprised to learn that what you do before bed plays an essential role. With that said, it’s time to wake up, […] More

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    Top 10 Most Beautiful Islands in The World

    The Oxford Dictionary offers a drab definition of the word island – a piece of land surrounded by water. However, we know islands are one of the most beautiful places on earth. If heaven exists, it must be an island. It offers a perfect escape from the busy life in the 21st century. A perfect […] More

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